What we do

Linco Care Ltd established for over 40 years . Linco Care manufacturers and distributs a wide range of personal care products, manufacturing plant producing approximately 55,000 units per shift. Our head office and laboratory located on 12,000 sqm site in Manchester.

We are specialise in

Sun Care

Hair Removal

Skin Care

What we offer

  • State-of-the-art formulations.
  • Wide range of innovative products.
  • New products developed to client specifications.
  • Packaging development.
  • Small and large production runs.
  • N.P.D. (New Product Development).
  • Prototype definition.
  • Confidential co-operation with clients.
  • Multilingual declaration if required.

Accredited Under

We operate a stringent quality control regime covering the purchase of high quality components, raw materials and the manufacture and storage of finished goods. Microbiological analysis by an independent laboratory forms a constant part of the quality control procedures.